The average price of electric fencing installation ranges from R95 per meter for a 6 Strand Wall Top to R380 per meter for a  30 Strand Free Standing. If you want to buy and are looking for Electric Fencing For Sale get a quote today.

Price Estimates for Electric Fencing Installations

The following table will give you a guideline as to how much the electric fence will cost for the different strands installed per meter. These installations will include the brackets and wiring as well as an electric fence COC but exclude the energiser and battery. Please note these prices are subject to change and are starting from prices. Many factors such as the height of the wall and the distance from the energizer to the wall will influence the final price.

Wall Top Electric Fencing Prices per Metre.

Number of strandsHeight above the wallLinear sizeInstallationcost / m
6 line600mm / 0.6m0m to 100mR105.00
6 line600mm / 0.6m100m to 200mR.100.00
6 line600mm / 0.6m200m & moreR 95.00
8 line800mm / 0.8m0m to 100mR 125.00
8 line800mm / 0.8m100m to 200mR 120.00
8 line800mm / 08m200m and moreR 115.00
10 line1000mm / 1m0m to 100mR 140.00
10 line1000mm / 1m100m to 200mR 135.00
10 line1000mm / 1m200m and moreR 130.00
12 line1200mm / 1.2m0 to 100mR 155.00
12 line1200mm / 1.2m100m to 200mR 150,00
12 line1200mm / 1.2m200m and moreR 145.00

Free Standing Electric Fencing per Metre.

Number of strandsHeight above the wallLinear sizeInstallation cost / m
18 lines1800mm / 1.8m0m to 100mR 225.00
18 lines1800mm / 1.8m100m to 200mR 220.00
18 lines1800mm / 1.8m200m and moreR 215.00
24 lines2400mm / 2.4m0m to 100mR 295.00
24 lines2400mm / 2.4m100m to 200mR 290.00
24 lines2400mm / 2.4m200m and moreR 285.00
30 lines3000mm / 3.0m0m to 100mR 400.00
30 lines3000mm / 3.0m100m to 200mR 390.00
30 lines3000mm / 3.0m200m and moreR 380.00

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Electric Fencing Parts and Accessories

Battery Prices

Most electric fences will require a standard 12V battery. These batteries are very common and can be used for electric fences as well as alarm systems. These batteries are rechargeable and are usually used along with the energizer of an electric fence as a backup power source during power failures.

Price Estimates

The price of a standard 12V rechargeable battery ranges from R450 to R600. Please note these prices are subject to change and are starting from prices.

Battery 7Ah-12VR450- R600

Energizer Prices

An electric fence energizer provides power to your electric fence and is the heartbeat that makes sure your electric fence runs smoothly . It takes in energy from an outside source being either a battery or power outlet and then pushes the energy out in very short high- voltage pulses. 

The main electric fence energizer is the Wizord 4 it is best suited for domestic and light industrial installations, it is a medium powered energizer known for its reliability, easy installation and low maintenance. If you are looking to install an electric fence on your domestic property, this is the ideal energizer.

Some of the other energizers are listed below, these include energizers for more industrial and commercial electric fence systems as well.

  • Merlin Stealth M28S Energizer
  • 8J Merlin Stealth 1 Zone
  • 4J Merlin Indoor with Keypad & Battery
  • Druid 114 LCD (14J Energizer)
  • Druid 28 LCD
  • Druid 18 LCD  (8J Energizer)
  • Druid 15 LCD  (5J Energizer)

Price Estimates

The cost of the energizer will depend on the size you will need to power your fence. They range from R3500 to R5500. If you need an energizer for commercial use it will cost more compared to an energizer needed for a domestic fence. The following table is a guideline as to how much the different energizers cost. Please note these prices are subject to change and are starting from prices.

Merlin Stealth M28S EnergizerFrom R3800 (single) to R4500 (2 zone)
8J Merlin Stealth 1 ZoneFrom R3500
4J Merlin Indoor with Keypad & BatteryFrom R3800
Druid 114 LCD (14J Energizer)From R5500

Electric Fencing Accessories 

  • Brackets
  • Test Meters
  • Fence Accessories
  • Tensioners
  • Insulators
  • Free Standing Poles and Accessories
  • Gate Contacts

Price Estimates of Brackets

Electric fence brackets determine the level of security your electric fence will provide. There are a range of brackets to choose from, the prices will depend on the amount of lines and type of bracket you choose. The following table will give you a guideline on the different types of brackets and their prices. Please note these prices are subject to change and are starting from prices.

SMK 5 Line Angled Bracket – BlackR85. 00
SMK 5 Line Straight Bracket – BlackR85. 00
SMK 6 Line Angled Bracket – BlackR95.00
SMK 5 Line Round Bracket – BlackR85.00
SMK 6 Line Round Bracket – BlackR95.00

Brands and Suppliers

At Pro Electric Fencing we can quote and supply you with all your electric fencing needs, we are able to install your electric fencing system without you having the hassle. Pro Electric Fencing stock the main brands like Wizord, Druid and Merlin Stealth as well as all the electric fencing accessories needed for installation. We pride ourselves in having qualified COC certified partners who will install your electric fence flawlessly. 

Palisade Fencing for sale

If you are looking for an alternative to electric fencing consider steel palisade fencing which is an excellent security fence. Find palisade fencing for sale at Palisade Fencing Pros.

Electric Fencing for sale

If you want to find a wide range of electric fencing for sale you can visit Builders Warehouse to get most the items you need. Below is the latest pricing of the products sold by them. If you need help installing or repairing your fence we can help, request a quote today.